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Procedure of buying a property in Montenegro

Step 1.  

Selection of variants.  

You can select suitable variants for you in different ways:  

- on our website  

- take in our office a list of objects related to region/city, which you are interested in  

- make your request (on site or in our office) and our experts will find you the most suitable variants in accordance with the specified parameters. 


Step 2.  

Inspection of selected objects.  

Our specialist by car will show you those objects which you have selected for inspection.  


Step 3.  

Checking all the documents concerning the selected object.  

We will carry out all the necessary checks of documents for the transaction for their "purity" to avoid situations associated with the inability of the sales transaction in connection with the presence of restrictions and or encumbrances on interesting objects. 


Step 4 . 

Drafting and signing of the Preliminary contract  

Object and purpose of the contract - making a deposit of 10% of the value of the object to the object has been removed from sale and reserved for you . 


Step 5 . 

Drafting and signing of the Contract purchase - sale. 

The procedure of signing of the contract takes place in the office of a notary in the presence of a certified court interpreter: the contract necessarily translates into Russian. 


Step 6. 

The final payment under the Contract. 

Buyer covers the remaining amount within the deadlines of the Contract. 


Step 7.  

Registration of ownership. 

Upon receipt from the buyer cash seller, in the presence of a notary, issued a receipt confirming the receipt of the full amount from you due to the Contract. 

Notary sends the Cadastre one copy of the contract of sale. Re-registration of ownership in the Cadastre lasts 2-3 months. Buyer and seller receive Cadastre decision to transfer ownership. Based on this decision within 7 days of the Cadastre is obliged to give the buyer List Nepokretnosti (certificate of ownership), in which you will be listed as the new owner. 


Step 8. 

Resigning all invoices for payment of an object in your name. 

We rebooked all accounts in your name (electricity, water, garbage, cable TV, annual property taxes , etc.). 


Step 9 . 

Payment of tax on the purchase of real estate. 

According to the amount in the Contract and to other evaluation criteria, experts of the tax office determine the value of the object and calculate the tax 3% from this sum, which you will need to pay. 


At your request our specialists will calculate a preliminary budget of expenses for the purchase procedure in relation to the specific object which you’ve selected. 

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Procedure of buying a property in Montenegro
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